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The author worked on his creation for three months. This construction, assembled by Mr. Playwood at the age of ten, was acquired by a tribe of peasants. They used a microscope to study pollen, seeds and small pests. In addition to the hard varieties of the tree bark, when creating the microscope, Mr. Plowwood used hardened transparent resin, as well as stuck in the branches of the meteorite fragments. The first version of the microscope, instead of increasing small objects, burned them to the ground. This model is now used by Mr. Playwood as a burner. Later, thanks to improvements, microscopic beetles-parasites were found and then destroyed, which killed not one fruit plantation located on the branches of the Great Tree.

The size of the model in assembled form: 340 * 175 * 430 mm
Packing size: 447 * 280 * 48 mm
Number of Item (s): 104
Material: ground plywood, optics, mirror, black paper, wax, wooden axes - 5 pcs.
Packing material: plywood, cardboard, shrink film

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