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Initially, the gun was used by Mr. Playwood for hunting the Ruach bird, which stole his coin snail. On this confrontation was composed the epic song "Great Mr. Playwood against the insidious bird Ruach". Evil tongues, however, argue that the author of the song is Mr. Playwood himself. A long time later, the nomadic army used a rifle to fight the barbarians who left the Green Sea and ruined the lower branches of the Great Tree. Use caution when using a gun, since recoil can throw you off from a branch. Experienced hands, before starting the shooting, insure themselves with a string of lianas. The legendary sniper, nicknamed the Squint, from a distance of fifty cubits, gets a shotgun from the shotgun into the eye of a tree crab. The wood crab does not like this very much. The use of a gun on the branches of the Great Tree on holidays is strictly prohibited. Wood people, in addition to Tribe Day and Woody Day, celebrate the following holidays: Librarian's Day, Fruit Day, Victory Day over worms and Holiday of a family hut. Special harm does not inflict the gun, but it can inflict a great resentment.

The size of the model in the assembled form: 660 x 75 x 160 mm
Packing size: 447 x 280 x 43 mm
Number of parts: 96
Material: ground plywood, elastic, elastomeric thread, wax, wooden axes - 2 pcs.
Packing material: plywood, cardboard, shrink film

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