About us

Our company represents on the market designer products, made of ecologically clean wood that won’t be harmful for you and your family.

All products are only hand-made, created in one copy. Every detail is well thought out and processed with a jeweler’s precision.

One of the founders of the company is Andre Smith, who became a professional in chess. He’s a trainer demanded by children and adults, teaching beginners or improves knowledge of the intellectual games amateurs.

It becomes more and more popular to play chess. This game helps to involve your child in useful and intellectual process. Just imagine how your lovely kid will propose his/her friends to have a game of chess, taking a stylish set, where every chess figure is unique, with a great proud.

With our designer chess your child will be more interested in the game and focused on the victory.

Also, there is an unforgettable game backgammon that is very popular today all around the world.

One of the legends says that once Indians, wishing to check the quick-wittedness of Persians, sent them a set of chess, thinking they would guess how to play this wise game. However, one Persian sage Vazurgmirg not only coped with the task easily but also proposed his own, insoluble for Indians. They managed to cope with it only in 40 days.

Buzurg-Mihr created a new play Backgammon and sent it to his opponent.

We have different playing sets: chess and draughts or chess, draughts and backgammon.

We also present such an item like a tobacco-pipe – the device for smoking of the special prepared tobacco.

A fragment of the film “ Highway 60”

We created a comfortable Internet shop, where you can buy a lot of different unusual elite presents. There is a very great choice of hand-made chess and backgammon, one of which will surely complement the interior of your home or any other apartment. Products are of different themes and for every event.

All sets have detailed descriptions and photos.

You can choose a present for respectable chief, lovely person or for a good friend. Elite stylish chess and carved backgammon will be a wonderful present for men and sometimes even for women, who are that kind of people, which seems to have everything.

This measured game is loved by many representatives of the stronger sex, for whom it’s a great opportunity to train their intellect and spend brilliant evenings with a friend.

We’ll be glad to help you to make your present unique. Ordering our products, you can choose a service of engraving and making an inscription or a logotype on the chosen chess or backgammon.

For regular customers we provide a discount system and for bulk consumers – a system of discounts, that allows to get on a new stable and mutually beneficial level of cooperation.