Chess set 3 in 1 "Saber"

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Сarved Chess set 3 in 1 Hand made "Saber" NEW! Delivery 14-17 days

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What is chess for you?
Let's try to "make a move with a knight" and not just play chess, but also fully enjoy the virtuosity of military action on the board.
Our store presents to your attention carved chess handmade. They will become not just a battlefield for you and your opponent, but also a real talisman of a true gourmet and connoisseur of this intellectual game.What carved chess presented in our store are different from others? Exclusivity. Every detail is made by the hands of our masterly masters.Ecological compatibility. Chess handmade made entirely of natural materials.Durability. Millions of games and years of strategy.A beautiful gift. There is always a reason. Souvenir chess will become a real pride of the originator of the celebration.

Size - 70x70x8 cm/27,5x27,5x3,15 inch
Box size - 36x20x20 cm/14,1x7,9x7,9 inch
Figures from 6 to 12 cm/ from 2,3 to 4,7 inch
Wood - Alder
Made in Europe

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