Chess set 3 in 1 "Sailing ship"

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Chess set 3 in 1 "Sailing ship" Hand made. Delivery 14-17 days

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Backgammon and chess are two of the most beautiful and ancient intellectual games that have come to us from the East. Each of them has its own advantages, and usually fans "pore out their brains" tend to master both. Maybe that's why on the back of the chessboard is often located board for backgammon. Today, the chessboard is easy to buy, and there are quite inexpensive models. However, for true fans of chess art, each party is not just a pleasant pastime, but a real ritual, a solemn ceremony. And is it possible in this case to use a cheap, "template" props? The best choice is a hand-made board, into which the real master has put his soul! You can buy handmade backgammon in our store. A qualitative, beautiful, energetically rich product will become a pride and a beautiful symbol of your hobby, will inherit your descendants as a relic and fully justify its value.

Size - 24x24x3 inch
Wood -Linden
Made in Europe

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